The R-Map project is honoured to establish an Advisory Board (AB) comprised of esteemed experts and thought leaders from diverse fields relevant to our mission. This multidisciplinary group will serve as a pivotal consultation body, offering strategic guidance and support throughout the project’s lifecycle. Their invaluable insights and recommendations will help steer R-Map toward achieving its objectives effectively and maximizing its impact.

Key Responsibilities


Innovative Framework

The AB will provide valuable feedback and guidance, drawing upon their extensive expertise to ensure the project maintains the highest standards and relevance.


Strategic Recommendations

Focused on innovation and impact, the AB will offer strategic recommendations to drive R-Map’s progress and enhance its outcomes.


Project Dissemination

Members of the AB will actively participate in disseminating project outcomes, leveraging their networks and communication channels to share R-Map’s progress with a broader audience.


Maximizing Impact

By contributing to wider stakeholder communication channels, the AB will play a crucial role in maximizing and sustaining the impact of R-Map’s results.

The members of the R-MAP Advisory Board are presented below:

Maya Middlemiss
Maya MiddlemissFounder of Remote Work Europe | Consultant | Journalist | Author
Maya Middlemiss, known as the “Storyteller from the Future,” explores technology’s social impact through journalism, podcasting and writing. She is the founder of “Remote Work Europe”, advocating for genuine remote work and consulting globally on distributed work and entrepreneurship.
Dimitris Tselios
Dimitris Tselios Co-Founder of Nomad365 | Digital Nomad
Dimitris Tselios is a marketing and communications expert with over 15 years of experience. As co-founder of Nomad365, he supports remote work solutions for municipalities and tourism sectors. Dimitris combines his digital nomad lifestyle with his expertise in coaching and authorship, promoting innovative remote work practices globally.
To be announced soon
To be announced soon