D5.1 Dissemination and Communication plan, activities and results

This report presents the first version of the Dissemination and Communication Plan (DCP) for the Horizon Europe R-Map project. The DCP serves as a guiding framework for the consortium’s communication and dissemination activities throughout the project’s lifecycle. Our primary goal is to establish a robust communication strategy, engaging all consortium members to maximize our project’s impact.

*Please note that this deliverable has not undergone formal review or approval and will be thoroughly assessed during the first project review.

D6.1 Management and Quality Plan and Data Management Plan

This report is the first version of a combined Management and Quality Plan and Data Management Plan (D6.1) for R-Map. It outlines the overall project management approach, quality assurance procedures, and data management principles. It details roles and responsibilities, work breakdown structures, progress reporting methods, financial management, payment schedules, risk management processes, and change control procedures. Additionally, it sets out best practices for handling data collected, created, or reused throughout the R-Map project, ensuring ethical and sound data management.